June 07, 2020

Why is it important for us as Christians to live healthy?

Living healthy is like walking on a tightrope. You can fall easily, of the one side, having a no care attitude and eat whatever you want or you can fall of the other side, becoming supper obsessed with eating perfect and lose sight of God.

Josi Badenhorst

PB picture.jpg

July 29, 2020

Go or No for Peanut Butter?

The joy of peanut butter (PB) for some is sometimes a torture for others. I am a big fan of PB and I will easily take a spoon and dive into a jar, while my mother can’t stand the smell and will usually chase me away. PB has a strong smell and the taste will mostly be dominant in any foods containing PB. 

Josi Badenhorst


September 13, 2020

Good morning, Coffee!

Coffee, one of the things most people “can’t live without”. I, personally don’t drink coffee, not due to any health reasons but I am just not fond of the taste. When I tell this to most people, they act as if I am losing out on life. But am I really…? 

Josi Badenhorst